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VLK Europe b.v.

Welcome to the new home of VLK Europe b.v.

About VLK Europe b.v.:

Vohne Liche Kennels has purchased dogs from vendors in Europe for 25 plus years. The owner, Kenneth D Licklider, had always dreamed of owning his own facility in Holland so Vohne Liche Europe b.v. was born. “Our desire is to acquire dogs with true natural drives.” Dogs that are not taught how to do police/military work but ones that can have their natural drive molded into the best of the best. The K-9 profession has grown to a worldwide necessity. We want to help all to find the dog they are looking for.

VLK Europe b.v.
Commitment to Excellence

We are committed to one goal at VLK Euro b.v. To provide you with the best European dogs available. That is a lofty goal, but we are up to the challenge! When you look at the availability and quality of our dogs, combined with the unmatched level of professionalism and experience of our staff, it is an unbeatable force. We buy directly from the source providing our customers and our parent Kennel in the U.S. an unmatched quantity and quality to pass on to our customers.

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Address: Kwakvors 7, 5985 NH Grashoek
Limburg, Netherlands
Web: Visit our main web site at VohneLiche.com
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VLK Europe b.v. Methods

Our training methods are world renowned. We pre-train where needed to ensure reliability when tested enabling the dogs to easily adapt to any training program. We are staffed by handlers and trainers with over 50 years’ experience buying dogs throughout Europe. We know the tremendous pressure of having to find the right dogs for a myriad of customers, each having their own unique usage for our dogs. We offer all stages of dogs from green to ready for handler, depending on the customers’ needs. Our scope is broad. If training classes are needed, experienced trainers from our headquarters in the U.S. can and will travel to Holland or to your location with dogs that our customers hand pick to work with the teams, ensuring your programs success.

Louis Sleenhof and Ronald Essens